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Days 5 and 6 Not So Great

Had a bit of set back the last two days – not so much pain, as just pure exhaustion. I slept pretty much all day Monday – I think it ended up being about 16 hours – yikes. Last night I woke up sweating with an obvious fever. The same thing happened last time – some sort of bug I must have picked up. Today I had to have the heat on most of the day because I couldn’t get warm.

On the positive side, I got the CPM up to 90 degrees today – so I am getting good flexibility in the leg. No painkillers for 2 days, until tonight – was feeling that same bad spot on the left upper side of the knee and finally decided to give in and take some. I’m hoping it doesn’t mess up my sleep tonight!

It’s a drag to be feeling so poorly because I have so much to do in the next week! Here’s hoping another good night’s sleep and I will be able to get a few things done.

The worst part is I don’t feel like doing ANYthing – I said to my roommate tonight, “I have no will.” She said, “Oh don’t bring that up now; I have too much on my plate.” I stared at her a moment then started to laugh. “Not a will, will. No will – to do anything!” LOL – she is definitely a lawyer if that’s the first thing she thought I was a talking about!

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