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First Day Back in the Office Results in Very Achy Knee

Yesterday was my first day working in the office – first day driving a long distance (30 milies each way). I’m paying for it today. Last night when I took off the brace I had more swelling than usual. I iced it a couple of times and that helped. Today Ithe knee has been very stiff and painful. Guess this is just the normal course of recovery – but I was nervous all day that I had “done something” to the knee and ruined the graft and that’s why it must hurt so much. It’s also doing some weird “settling” at times – as if all the bones are shifting when I put my weight on it. Kind of creepy.

Other than that…I’m under quite a bit of pressure at work this week and feeling the result of being out of the loop for a while – things really do catch up with you!

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