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Getting a New ACL for My Birthday

Today was my last appointment with my orthopedic surgeon before the actual surgery on March 29 – my birthday. Scheduling issues necessitated my spending my bday getting the ACL replacement. Fun. My roommate pointed out I will at least be able to get “high” on my birthday.

To keep friends and family informed I will keep a diary here under the category “ACL Surgery” of my rehab. This should be barely even mildly interesting to most people, but when I was prepping for the day, I found the online stories of other people who had undergone ACL surgery really helpful in planning for my recovery. Since it is arthroscopic I shouldn’t have any really grotesque pictures to post, although I’m sure the big old swollen leg will be nasty enough for the more voyeuristic of my readers.

Speaking of readers, my friend George says he is my only reader now because I don’t update enough and everyone else has likely given up. Point well taken. I’ll try harder. I promise, George.

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