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Initial Panic, but Now All Is Well

I had some issues last night after the surgery with bleeding – it wouldn’t stop and was making a big mess. My poor roommate had to help me get it stopped and rewrap the knee. However, 10 minutes of pressure on it and the re-wrap seemed to work – as of today all is well.

This surgery is A THOUSAND TIMES EASIER than the last one – I was told the allograft would be easier to deal with than the previous autograft (using my own tendon to fix the ACL), and they were certainly right. After the March 29 surgery, I was in agony on day 2. Here I am on Day 2 after the new surgery, and I have pretty much no pain. Oh Joy!

The procedure was much less invasive because the tunnel was already dug too – so Dr. Golden did it arthroscopically and I wont have a new big scar down the middle of the knee. I’m very happy so far – so keep your fingers crossed that this one holds!
Warning – below is a picture of the bloody fiasco so anyone who is queasy should stop scrolling to avoid seeing it
stop scrolling if blood makes you faint…

Here is the shot of the moment of panic when the bleeding wouldn’t stop – soaked a full handtowel and about a dozen paper towels before I got it under control. Yuck.

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