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Last Minute Prep for ACL Surgery

My continuous motion device – scary-looking contraption – was delivered, along with my pain pump and brace. Of course no one from the UCLA surgery center has called to confirm the time I will need a pick-up and the number on the form just rings and rings and rings. UCLA Medical seems to have a serious staff problem – long phone holds, phones just ringing and ringing, we are out to lunch messages that say 12-1 but it’s 2 pm and the message is still on.

I am not impressed with the UCLA hospital customer service.

I am sure they will act like I should have known what time someone should pick me up even though they couldn’t be bothered to give me this information.

They also had their finance people call to ask about me being a “cash” patient. Huh? Even though my doctor had faxed over the paperwork and pre-authorization weeks ago, some dimwit at UCLA had neglected to input this. They even had the wrong surgery time, which threw me into a panic that I was going to show up and be told I had four hours to wait.

I’ve never had a surgery center call me about bringing a co-pay upfront. Seems like one more thing to think about when I’m trying to focus on my surgery and recovery. Now since I can’t call them back because THAT phone is also unreachable at this time, I guess that means bring a blank check. Just tried again – still busy. It will be funny if they ask why I did not return their call. Uh, because you guys SUCK?

Now I know why my doctor prefers to do surgery at another center, but they were out of my network and it would cost be $5000 out of pocket vs. $2500. And as many of you already know through experience, medical decisions are partly made based on what is important for the patient, but mainly made based on financial considerations.
Welcome to the New America.

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