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More Surgery Drama

Turns out Dr. Golden’s office “forgot” to put in the order for the CPM machine – thank goodness I was an annoying nudge all day. Now they say they will deliver it tomorrow between 3 and 4 pm. I said, ‘Hope I’m home by then.” Their problem if I’m not – it’s not like I’m going to the movies and know exactly when it will end.

The doctor did not put in an order for the ice machine – I swell like a bloated corpse lying in the sun, so I really need the professional ice machine with the cuff that goes around the knee. I put in a call to the doctor AGAIN to ask him to write an order for the ice machine, or else I’m paying it all out of pocket ($250). I’ll pay it myself if I have to, but it seems really dumb for the doctor not to write orders for this. Otherwise, you are trying all sorts of jerryrigging to keep the ice on your knee. I bought something on ebay that might work, but the darn thing leaks and doesn’t get as cold as the professional model.

I am really really annoyed at the seeming lack of interest in the details of this surgery and recovery. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

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