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One Week After ACL Surgery – Definite Progress

I felt like a human being today – even ventured out on my own for about a half hour to get a cup of coffee at my favorite place, The Conservatory for Coffee Tea and Cocoa on Washington Blvd (visitors to Los Angeles note that they have the best lattes in town!). I didn’t last long and later felt like I’d run a marathon, but it was a nice antidote to my cabin fever.

Today I am whining about the leg brace. You know they make the darn things for the “average height male” – and I am a shorter-than-average female. Hence, the metal slides down into my ankle and foot and no matter how tight I make the darn thing, it ends up hitting it. I may pull out the old one from the previous surgery, but it’s pretty beat up. That one had adjustable sides so I could make them a bit shorter. Otherwise, I’m going to end up with one bruised foot/ankle wearing this thing for the next few weeks!

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