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Over the Hump?

Pain has decreased dramatically today – and I’m hoping I can try to do the CPM tomorrow and start that part of my rehab now that I can get in and out of the brace without feeling like I’m going to pass out! I seem to have picked up a bit of a bug – had a fever today and I have developed a deep cough. I am unbelievably tired, but haven’t been sleeping as much as I should probably – pain pills have a way of disrupting sleep but leaving you in a constant state of drowsiness.

My first physical therapy is Monday. Today I have been able to walk with one crutch without too much pain. I’m starting to tighten and release my quads to get those working again. It’s amazing how much different one day can make – yesterday I was crying and could barely move! Today I’m feeling mobile enough to get things for myself and move about the house. I had a tough time waking up this morning – but finally after a few “naps” I was able to get up and going. I managed to take a shower by covering the brace with plastic garbage bags and sticking it out the shower door. It felt soooo good to wash my hair. The little things in life we take for granted!

My living room looks like a funeral home with all the flowers from various people – which is particularly amusing because my roommate grew up in a funeral home and has a thing about flower arrangements. It is really nice to come into the room as see all the different types of flowers. I love tulips – both my sister and my boss sent me beautiful vases of tulips!
I am just not energetic enough to call people back yet who have called – I’m conserving my energy for rehab and so my updates here will have to suffice at least for a few more days!

I got a blast from the past this week – a mentor and friend from my screenwriting days – what a nice surprise to hear his voice, especially during a week when friends mean everything!

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