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About all I can say today. Losing the pain pump the first night means excruciating pain now that the nerve block has worn off. Doc says I can lay off the cpm machine for a few days since the transition to and from the brace is the most painful. The ice cuff seems to be leaking so my dressing is getting wet – the Team Post Op people are supposed to come by at 1 pm to see if it is leaking and replace it.
In the meanwhile, I get a message our AdWords are down and it looks like click fraud to me, so I had to send a request to Google to investigate. We have some pretty scummy competitors so I wouldn’t put it past them to get a gang of friends to click click click our budget away. We went from $6 a lead for one phrase to $109 spend one day with no leads. Clearly something isn’t right. It’s like they knew I’d be out of the office.

There is no such thing as time off with my job, even when you feel like someone is stabbing you repeatedly in the leg for hours.

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