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Second ACL Surgery Almost Here

For those of you who don’t know already, my first ACL surgery did not take – something happened and the ACL was disrupted again. I am having another surgery this Thursday, and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m definitely not in as good shape as last time – my leg is still below normal from the previous surgery and not as strong, and, of course, I have gained back the weight I diligently lost before the first surgery.

My approach this time has been to ignore the fact I’m going to go through this again – otherwise I think I would run for the hills. I know it’s necessary because the knee has become increasingly unstable – I feel it wobble and it’s only a matter of time before it really gives and I tear other ligaments.

This time they will not harvest my patella for the new piece – they will use a cadaver piece to replace my damaged ACL. I’m told the recovery is NOT as bad for this type of surgery because you don’t have all the patellar pain, but others say it’s still pretty painful.

The first few days are the worst.

The doctor has not given me a handicapped parking permit, which was essential last time for grocery shopping and the like because, well, you can’t dodge crappy parking lot drivers very well with a straight-leg brace on. I’m calling tomorrow to see if this can be rectified.

I have to show up at Cedar Sinai outpatient surgery center at 7 am on Thursday – so I will update in the days following to let you know just how miserable I am 😉

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