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The Amazing ACL Brace Challenge

As many of you know by now, after ACL surgery you have to wear a brace that locks your knee straight when walking for about 6 weeks. The post-operative brace given to me after surgery was not made for my short legs. The brace kept interfering with my ankle and foot movement. On Dec 11 I had my first post-op visit with the doctor and told him about the problem. He didn’t have anything in the office so I was told that they would arrange with Team Post-op to get me a new one. A few days later they showed up with a new brace. It seemed better as it was much shorter, but within a few hours I realized it wasn’t working. The Team Post-op guy trimmed the velcro straps so I could not get enough tension to keep the brace tight – I tried putting it on REALLY tight, but that hurt like hell. If I wore it so it didn’t cause excruciating pain, within an hour the brace would slide down my leg – no longer keeping my knee immobile.

I called Team Post-Op the next day to tell them the brace was defective. Now here it is Dec 21 and I still don’t have a suitable brace. I kept getting only voice mail when I tried to contact the rep I was working with. I got so frustrated I called the doctor and said that I needed the doctor to let me know if I could stop wearing the brace because I couldn’t deal with it anymore – finally Team Post-Op called me after this conversation. Then they told me I couldn’t get one until next Tuesday – problem is, I’m traveling to Florida on Sunday so I need it now.

I even went out to a medical supply store and ended up spending $150 on a brace to hold me over – it’s not great, but it’s better than what I have. Fortunately, later today Team Post-Op said they would have one for me on Saturday. Fingers crossed that this one will be okay! You have to wear this thing ALL DAY – so if it is painful or slides off it’s impossible to do anything – it’s difficult to fix the brace in public because it comes so high up the thigh – not exactly fun to be pulling your pants up to your crotch to try to tighten and fix the darn thing.

Ugh. And my knee is killing me today and swelled a lot, so I don’t think the new brace I bought is the right one.

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