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Tomorrow’s Surgery – Hope the Doctor Is Better than His Front-Desk Staff

I’m anxious about tomorrow’s re-do of my ACL, especially because the people coordinating this surgery seem to have their heads up their asses. I have been assured the doctor is very good – so as long as the surgery goes well I can forgive the poor front-desk performance.

My surgeon is Dr. Golden at Cedar Sinai. His staff seems to have a number of issues:

1. They don’t answer phones
2. They don’t return phone messages, expecting you to get psychic messages that they are doing what you asked
3. They act as if you are really wasting their precious time

If I hadn’t had this surgery before, I wouldn’t even know just how much they are messing up the planning. The last time I had a CPM device that kept my leg bending 10 hours a day automatically while I was lying in bed. According to all the paperwork from this new doctor, I will have one again. Well, here it is a day before surgery, and noone has contacted me about delivery of the machine (it’s a huge thing so it’s not like I can carry it home from surgery).

Today I called a few times, ignoring the voice mail (what’s the point of leaving a message if no one calls you back) and finally got them on the phone. They stuttered around a bit – I’m sure they realized something went awry with me not getting the machine today. They put me through to a woman who said that Team Post-Op would be calling me. Now four hours later – no call. I think I may have to find Team Post-Ops number and call them myself.

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