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Very Good Progress after ACL Surgery

The physical therapist says I am way ahead of where people usually are at this point – he said I’m on a “fast track” to recovery. Woo hoo! All the physical conditioning done in advance of surgery is paying off. I did 40 leg lifts today! If you’ll recall I could not do even one the first first days. I’m not doing full lifts yet, but much better than even two days ago.

I’ve gotten into the groove on the CPM – I just set myself up and relax into it. I’m up to 110 degrees, although each session I have to move it back to about 95 and slowly increase the bend over the next half hour as the leg muscles warm up. I stopped in at the Conservatory coffee shop today with my friend Serena and saw my “crew” – lol, by crew I mean my favorite people I love to chat with in the morning over coffee and newspaper. It was so nice to spend a little time with friends!

I will be back to work on Monday, although I will probably work a slightly reduced schedule due to physical therapy and the fact I get really tired and need breaks throughout the day.

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