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FDA – Toothless and Now Commissionerless

It’s tough to work in the government today – especially if you have to deal with all those pesky scientific studies and actual evidence. Folks whine and complain when you base medical and scientific decisions on Biblical interpretation (or don’t).

The Americans Against Science movement once again gutting principles that have historically protected us from, oh, such fun side effects as flippers on babies. Just a few weeks ago:

Dr. Susan F. Wood, who is an assistant F.D.A. commissioner, said in an e-mail message to staff members that she could no longer serve at the agency “when scientific and clinical evidence, fully evaluated and recommended for approval by the professional staff here, has been overruled.”

Now with Republicans deciding CDC funding is less important than tax breaks for the richest people in America, we are truly entering the Dark Ages when it comes to scientific reason.

When those millionaires find out tax breaks don’t mean shit when a flu epidemic kills millions it will be too late.
Underfunding the Centers for Disease Control to save someone’s ability to buy a second yacht? Are you kidding me?
Check out the other cuts the Republicans are suggestion – FAA (airport safety), CDC (making sure we don’t die from disease epidemics), and programs that promote new sources of energy (so we are no longer dependent on oil and can stop doing bizarre things like giving the Saudis a pass on human slave trading).

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