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Not a Failure of Imagination…a Failure of Education

I continue to read about how the tragedy of New Orleans was due to a “failure of imagination” – echoing sentiments about September 11th. However, in listening to the SCIENTISTS who for years warned of this event and have since reported that officials “scoffed” at their “doomsday” warnings, I believe it was a failure of education.

We are in an anti-science era, where folks don’t even understand what a “theory” actually represents. The current coloring of politics with religion has clouded rational, scientific thinking. The snide snickers of the ignorant toward those who have devoted their lives to scientific study has resulted in exactly what these scientists predicted: a catastrophic flood. Already some of the more mentally unstable among the Ignorant are suggesting it was sending a message to the wicked – a sort of Reminder Flood.

Frankly, why shouldn’t we instead suspect God is sending a message to Once rational, thinking Americans who have either fallen under the sway of False Prophets or simply aren’t DOING anything: you are on the wrong track. If you do not act, this is only the beginning. If you continue to allow False Prophets to run your country into the ground, move more of the middle class into poverty, leave the poor to struggle for daily existence, make the obscenely rich obscenely richer while children go without decent healthcare, and pretend to be acting on behalf of Me, I am going to send you more and more of these wake up calls.

If Jesus was here today he would not spend his time with Pat Robertson or George Bush. He would spend his time with the poor mothers and babies crying “help us” throughout this country – not just those we saw standing on the sidewalks on the New Orleans convention center. Jesus did not spend time with rich men who greedily gathered more wealth while asking the poor to take less. For goodness sake – he gave the poor free fish and bread!

Can you imagine his reaction to asking the poor to be poorer? That was the outrageous move by Bush – cutting already pathetic wages even lower to save money rebuilding New Orleans! Why not ask Halliburton employees, including the CEO, to work for $7 an hour to rebuild Iraq?

Or well, maybe that is to much to ask. About about asking the CEO to work for a mere $70 an hour. Too little? $700? Oh boy…he is just not budging on this one.

If you have been duped by these false prophets, there is still time for you to wake up. It will be painful, it will shake up the very foundations of your life, and you will feel a great crushing remorse for having been tricked by them for so long. But the anger will move you toward becoming a truly decent and good person. Someone who would give free bread and fish to the poor without snidely remarking “get a job you lazy bum.” I don’t recall Jesus saying that to the poor, do you? That’s because He knew what made people poor: other peoples’ insatiable greed.

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