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Birds Do the Darnedest Things

Birds Do the Darnedest Things

Originally uploaded by Smash Monster.

Sorry about the photo quality – taken with my Treo in my room during my CPM session so I couldn’t fix the lighting. Anyway, this is Inca with her butt plopped right in front of my TV. She was sitting on her tree tower when she figured out (it took her almost a week – which surprised me) she could climb down onto the table and climb up in front of the TV and stare right at it. Of course, I was stuck in my CPM device so I let her star in every TV show for about an hour until I could get my brace back on and put her butt back on her tree.
Inca is my blue-front amazon parrot who definitely has an attraction to TV – more the sounds than the pictures. Certain voices and music really get her going – she will rock out sometimes to good songs. She seems to prefer female vocalists.

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