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Birthday Surprises and Other Assorted Fun


So this is the note Millie taped to our front door last night to warn folks coming to a surprise bday party for me – I had no clue as I’d been ordered to my room because a cake was supposedly being made and designed that I could not see until later – this was just one of the ruses my roommate came up with to keep me stashed back in my room while she set up a surprise birthday party for me.

I have to hand it to her – I was totally surprised and had NO CLUE as friends creeped into the living room while I sat in my room catching up on General Hospitals and waiting for Millie to give the all-clear.

I am sure I looked like a deer in the headlights when she finally called me out to the living room and all these people were standing there yelling, “Surprise!” LOL. That it was! It really made this birthday very special, and, as most of you know, Millie rocks.

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