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Not Only Her Business, But Paula Abdul’s Business, Is Everyone’s Business

My friend related this story of another Cellphone Exhibitionist who was particulary unprofessional while chatting on her cell at the Trader Joe’s in Culver City. She was a tall, thin woman with short, rather butch, frosted hair. She was wearing a puffy vest – sort of like a hunter’s vest. She wandered through the aisles discussing Paula Abdul – she is getting some new reality show. She proceded to regale the person on the other end of the line and half of Trader Joe’s with a story of filming the reality series – according to her Paula Abdul was very late for fliming, everyone was waiting for her, and when she showed up hours later she was very upset because everyone was angry at her. She kept apologizing about being late.

My friend was horrified that this woman was telling this story loudly at Trader Joe’s – and frankly, the only reason I’m posting it is so that someone who works with the tall, butch-haircutted woman might identify her to her bosses so they can teach her a little bit about keeping her big mouth shut when talking on her cell phone in public.

The only Cellphone Exhibitionist who beats this one so far is the man who was discussing a comatose organ donor while eating at the UCLA medical center cafe.

I assume the woman at Trader Joe’s wanted everyone to think she was really important – she knows the inside scoop on poor Paula. I tend to suspect that people who talk loudly on cell phones about Hollywood business are pretty freaking LOW on the totem pole so to speak – so they need to blab in public because they think it makes them look “important.”

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