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Diagnosis for BOS

After a chat with my dad about possible diagnoses of BOS (bitter old shrew) I have settled on this one from the DSM that seems to fit perfectly:

Paranoid personality disorder: Individuals with this disorder display pervasive distrust and suspiciousness.

Common beliefs include the following:
Others are exploiting or deceiving the person.
Friends and associates are untrustworthy.
Information confided to others will be used maliciously.
There is hidden meaning in remarks or events others perceive as benign.

This certainly explains the bizarre emails and letters. I was beginning to wonder how someone could just make this stuff up – but now it all makes sense.

Sometimes it is really fun to go through the DSM to diagnose friends and family 😉 The best is when you find TWO diagnoses for one person (something definitely wrong with THAT brain).

The DSM is the Diagnostic Bible for psychiatry – and it can be a very disturbing read!

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