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Hall of Shame for Drivers

A rather clever idea but one that might create more accidents than it prevents (if I had the option of photographing every malfeasance on the road I’d probably end up rear-ending somebody) – the Malaysian government has put up a website where you can post pictures of cars violating the law.

There seems to be a particular penchant for using the emergency lane to bypass all that pesky freeway traffic. I don’t think that would work in Los Angeles. At least in a case like this one – an emergency lane abuser caught in the act through the driver’s side-view mirror. You would surely be shot or atleast cut off, dragged from your car, and beaten into submission, “Say it again, bitch!” “Okay, Okay! I swear I will never use the emergency lane again ever even in an emergency ever for the rest of my life!”

I have noticed that every city or region has its particular bad habits. Driving in New Jersey recently I learned that those who want to make a left turn where there is no left-turn arrow simply jump the line of traffic as soon as the light turns green rather than wait until the straight-away traffic clears for you to make the left. Whereas in Los Angeles, we wait until the cars with the right of way go first, then we all make our left turns when the light turns red – sometimes managing to get as many as 4 or 5 cars through when the light changes.

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