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Happy New Year!

I flew back to Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve – upgraded to first class so it was a much better flight this time (my gammy leg as my British friend Serena calls it had room to move!).

Celebrity spotting on the flight – actress Penelope Ann Miller sat behind me. I always remember one particular role she played – Tina Sabatini, the mobster’s daughter in The Freshman (also starred Matthew Broderick). I also saw her getting asked to move along by the zero-tolerance traffic police at LAX – someone pulled up in a Lincoln Navigator and they piled in their bags, but her husband ran back into the airport because they still had one bag to wait in baggage claim. Penelope had gotten into the driver’s seat and started to back up as the traffic cop came up to her window. She tried to convince the traffic cop that her husband was coming right back – but as anyone knows who has tried to wait for a passenger at LAX, they don’t give you even a minute. She had to go all the way around and and come back for him.

Last time that happened to me, my friend waited one minute too long and they wrote her a ticket, so Penelope got off easy.
LAX is always fun, especially during high alert periods like the holidays.

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