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Judy Miller – Champion of the Free Press or Self-Aggrandizing Bush-Lover

No, I’m not suggesting she’s a lesbian.
I am simply keeping some healthy suspicions about her motives – she was a fawning supporter of Bush when he was first pushing the Iraq war. And frankly, the whole – I knew about Plame but didn’t write about it – seems very odd to me. There is something else to this story – and I think all the congratulations, awards, and “poor Judies” may be terribly premature.
One thing that really bothers me is how progressives have not turned the tables on the phony “liberal bias” cries from the religious right decrying the mainstream media.
Some great examples of the press kissing ass come from a Vermont newspaper (I can see the religious right going nuts – Vermont is a commie state in their minds).

First, the Bush administration created a catalogue of lies and misinformation in order to justify invasion. Second, some prominent members of the national media parroted those lies.
And no one squawked louder than the New York Times’ Miller. As a former CIA analyst told Salon’s James C. Moore: “The White House had a perfect deal with Miller. [U.S.-funded Iraqi dissident Ahmed] Chalabi is providing the Bush people with the information they need to support their political objectives with Iraq, and he is supplying the same material to Judy Miller. Chalabi tips her on something and then she goes to the White House, which has already heard the same thing from Chalabi, and she gets it corroborated by some insider she always describes as a ‘senior administration official.’ Article

One of the most alarming developments in the MSM has been the prolific use of “anonymous” sources – if government officials believe they can say “anything” and hide behind anonymity and the fact that reporters protect their sources traditionally, then we have a formula for manipulation of the press. Source protection needs to be examined more closely – if the government discovers manipulation of the press and the distribution of propaganda through major news outlets can hide under the cover of “I won’t reveal my sources,” journalists can becoming unwitting (or in the case of glory hounds, blithely willing) participants in the desecration of the freedom of the press.
Desecration of this basic freedom is far more devastating than desecration of the flag, a favorite son of the unthinking ideological meme crowd (read the last linked article if you want to see a really dumb argument in favor of imprisoning people for burning the flag).

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