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Max Is Home from the Hospital

Here’s Max getting all puffy and ferocious for his after-hospital photography session (he hates the camera):

For those of you who haven’t heard, Max must have been attacked by a cat that managed to get its paw through the cage bars and catch him unawares. I was at the office in Cerritos – but my roommate was home and heard him screeching then suddenly go quiet. She found him running around in a panic on the bottom of his cage bleeding.

He spent two nights at the Wilshire Animal Hospital. I rushed home from Cerritos and got him to the vet within 2 hours of the attack. The vet said it didn’t look good because she saw blood in his oral cavity – later she said this must have been from the injury to the ear (and thankfully, not the internal injuries she first suspected).

He had to be in a special “incubator” unit with oxygen pumped in to help him heal. He may be deaf in the ear the cat punctured, and his squawk sounds different now, but he is doing great and when I weighed him today he had gained 2 grams (that’s a lot for a little parrot). He is eating well, although on a softer diet because he’s still having trouble breaking shells.

He still hates his sister Inca and puffed up all vicious-like for her today. It’s a good sign when he is showing his typical ornery behavior toward her 😉

He’s on antibiotics for 10 days and antiinflammatories for 5 days. He hates getting the oral medication, so it’s a bit of fight over that, but he’s not a biter so I just get a hold of his beak and squirt the tiny bit of medicine in (he then rubs his beak on anything he can find for 5 minutes, like that will make a difference).

I am relieved and very happy to have Max home!

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