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Some Flair Grows Fast on Facebook

I recently decided to create some political “flair” on Facebook. For those of you who do not know what flair is – its basically a “button” (like something you might wear) with a picture or message. Other users on Facebook can browse a directory and pick various pieces of flair and they can also “share flair” with other friends on Facebook.

So last Friday, a few hours after getting home from New Mexico and absorbing the mind-blowing idiocy of the Republican Party, I decided to create a piece of flair:


Within a few hours a few hundred people had picked it up. Less than a week later, over 7000 people had shared the flair with other users. I was pretty surprised by how popular this rather primitive graphic was – people must feel really strongly about the ticket!

I created a new flair today as another mockery of this mindless ticket:


Wonder how this little gem will do? Unfortunately some crazy right wingers might actually pick it up and think it’s serious. Yikes!

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