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Visiting My Hometown in Florida

I arrived today in Seminole, Florida, where I grew up. Someone pointed out to me the other day how they moved from place to place as a child and that it must be nice to visit the house you grew up in. There is a certain sense of roots that come with having a childhood home to visit every year – but then Florida has a rootless quality to it.
About my trip here today…

I flew Delta Song, which will soon be a defunct branch of Delta Airlines. The planes are all one class and every seat has a video monitor built into the headrest. You can watch satellite TV or purchase a movie. The entertainment really keeps your mind off the guy with the hacking cough sitting next to you. You can disappear into your own world.

The only bad decision Delta made was making these “touch-screen” TVs. You tap the screen to change channels, pick movies, etc. You wouldn’t think this tapping would do much, but when the guy behind you is a channel surfer it feels like a hyperactive woodpecker is roosting in the back of your headrest.

I try to hit the screen gently – but sometimes it just…won’t…take…my…FREAKING…SELECTION…

Then I see the person in front of me squirming, trying to dislodge the pesky woodpecker going at the back of her head.

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