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Why I Have Been Behind on Posting

I was faithfully posting daily then was thrown off schedule by the surgery on my foot. Just when I’m ready to kick back into gear, I detach the ACL in my right knee AND tear the tibial ligament. You want to feel some pain? Ugh. Brain-searing pain. Not-enough-vicodan-on-the-planet pain.

The knee is feeling better, although just the right angle and I get that same searing pain…but now I am sort of out of the swing of things. Therefore, I am going to put some short bullet points on what’s up lately.

-Saw Syriana – enigmatic little film about a very important subject. While I thought it was cinematically very well done, I felt a little manipulated by how cryptically the plot played out. I ended up buying the book is was loosely based on, a nonfiction work by an ex-CIA agent – “See No Evil” – maybe that will answer some of the questions I have.

-Tookie has two more days. I am opposed to the death penalty, but also feel if you have it, either use it or get rid of it. Creating celebrities out of murderers sickens me.

-Anyone out there watching Sleeper Cell on Shotime? Not badly done – a Muslim Fed infiltrates a terrorist cell in the U.S. The oddest character is this blue-eyed white boy jihadist who even goes to the point of asking one of his cohorts to help him off his mom if she comes to town as she might “compromise operational security.” Yikes.

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