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1. Unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech; “buttery praise”; “gave him a fulsome introduction”; “an oily sycophantic press agent”; “oleaginous hypocrisy”; “smarmy self-importance”; “the unctuous Uriah Heep”.
Word of the day (shoot, might have to call it word of the week knowing how I get too busy to update) is a new feature for Smash Monster. It will be influenced by anything from world events to personal experiences.
We live in a very smarmy world right now. Politicians are smarmier than ever. Think of how Bush admin folks gush over incompetents (Heck of a job, Brownie). Throughout our culture you see smarminess rewarded. The fastest way to rise, in fact, in American society, is to know how to be as smarmy as possible as publicly as possible. Smarminess is most effective when it makes others think you value them.
The more you obsequiously praise others in public, the less likely they are to figure out you are talking smack about them behind their backs. It is a critical element in getting or keeping power.
If you don’t have a knack for being smarmy in public (it can make your skin crawl if it isn’t in your nature to be a hypocrite), you can practice in front of the mirror. Just say really nice things about yourself (affirmations for example), then turn away from mirror, and talk smack about yourself. Soon you will be quite adept at doing this in the real world. You too can achieve the “Smarm Factor.”

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