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Why Smash Monster

“When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.”
-Mark Twain

I liked the name Smash Monster because of the double-meaning of both words. You can be a smashing success or smash something to pieces. You can have a monster hit or discover monster corruption. One of the essential problems today is a lack of curiousity. People get their news or information from one “trusted” source and never think to question just how trustworthy that source might be. People often forget how often self-interest influences the “stories” others tell to get what they want. Remember that something can appear beautiful and perfect on the outside, but be rotten and corrupt within.

Although this is an attempt at daily blogging, I fear I might end up being too busy. I maintain a number of my own websites and as the Vice President of Internet Marketing (my real life job) I manage the strategy for over 30 sites. My first website started in 1997 as a “tilde” site – a free space with my isp with that little tilde squiqqly identifying it as mine. I started by giving advice on parrots – then decided to get my own domain, Parrot Parrot, which is still quite popular today – I find it very amazing (and cool) that 60,000+ people a month want to learn about parrots!

I am also a writer, and I have always tended toward crime drama. I ended up putting together Crime Spider to keep a directory of sites that might help others interested in crime (or those in law enforcement). I developed a dramatic series for a film company here in Los Angeles, and created a virtual unsolved crimes site to promote it, Unloved Crimes. I haven’t modified that site in a LONG time, but it still hangs out waiting for new sleuths to check it out! When I started that site about 7 years ago, I had no idea just how “uncurious” people can be – although it seems obviously fictional to me, even homicide investigators contacted me for advice or tips on crimes in their area (including a DNA case out of Toronto and a drowning case in Missouri). I, or course, did not offer my questionable expertise. I realized the biggest potential problem with the web – too many people believe everything they read!

I also started a free posting forum for people looking for lost friends, Friend Find. Many people have told me they have successfully tracked down lost friends and relatives with that forum and another people search forum I have.

I know it would be better to have a blog that focuses on a specific topic, but I have too many interests and too little self-discipline to do that 😉 – instead I will write what the spirit moves me to write.

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