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Rove and the Relativity of Truth

Interesting piece in the LA Weekly on how Karl Rove has fared previously when under oath. There is something so creepy about this character. In the quote below, not the push-polling tactic Rove is famous for – if you haven’t seen the documentary Bush’s Brain, see it, as there are many more examples of this type of push-polling.

Rove told the attorney representing the trial lawyers that he had a firm agreement with the governor to recuse himself from anything having to do with tobacco. A “Chinese wall” separated his tobacco consulting from his work for Bush. The lawyers knew the answers to some of the questions before they asked them. They knew that Rove had been involved in polling funded by the tobacco lobby. One of the polls was a piece of political trash, a push poll asking respondents how they would vote if they knew the Democratic attorney general had provided financial support to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — which he never had. The day the results were released, Rove attended a tobacco-lobby meeting and immediately took the poll to Bush chief of staff Joe Allbaugh.

For those who don’t know what push-polling is, here is a basic primer on the slimy practice: you call voters during an election campaign and you ask them, for example, who are you voting for? If they say, Candidate X and that is not YOUR party’s candidate you say, “Would you still vote for Candidate X if you knew he supported the Man-Boy Love Association? Or plug in any scandalous association — would you vote for him if you found out he once belonged to the Communist Party…he’d given money to charities that have since been shown to be funnels for terrorist organizations…if you found out he was once accused of molesting children?

It’s a truly disgusting practice and one of the ways these types of operators undermine the fundamental processes of a democracy. When wing nuts like Ann Coulter rant about “treason” she should be targeting those who have corrupted the democratic process, the very foundation of free elections, first.

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