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Torn Rotator Cuff

I found out this week that an unfortunate fall off a megareformer early August resulted in two complete tears of tendons in the rotator cuff.  Surgery is the only option. I have been down to one arm for about 2 weeks now, although I can type and am allowed to lift only things “not heavier […]

Google’s Penalizing Itself in New Penguin Update

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what Google thinks it fixed with its latest algorithm change, now dubbed Penguin.  Frankly, there are some riotous results.  My favorite being the SERPs for “search engine”.  Google doesn’t even come above the fold.  I love that Bing beats them in their own search engine. And Altavista?  Who […]

How to Identify Phony Reviews in Google Places

As more and more people rely on the opinions of others online to make decisions about where they’ll eat, who’ll they will hire to fix their roof, or even where they will go for health care the more critical it becomes for them to understand there are devious people out there trying to trick them […]

Spain Trip 2011 Photo Gallery

Bureaucracy Can Kill Once Nimble Companies: What’s Up with Google?

I’m in the middle of an e-mail “discussion” with Google AdWords over an arbitrary decision to disallow an ad I’m running for a treatment center within our company.  The ad is for the exact search phrase “prescription drug rehab” – because the treatment center treats prescription drug addiction and has been doing so for two […]

Money Where Their Mouths Are – Wean Tea Partiers off the Federal Teat

There are quite a few tea partiers who come from states that are quite happy to suck at the Federal teat.   Of course, many people have known for years that Blue States tend to support Red States financially. There are a few exceptions (such as Texas), but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.  […]

Neapolitan-Style Ragu

I came across some photos I took while making a recipe the LA Times voted one of their top 10 recipes for 2009.   You not only get a hearty, rich ragu from this recipe, but the pork comes out fall-apart tender.  I special ordered pork from Flying Pig Farms in New York after a friend […]

Heart of Screenland

I’ve been working on building a comprehensive online guide to Culver City – right now Arny who works at The Conservatory for Coffee and Tea is helping out by adding all the listings. The next step will be to add reviews and to get people to join in and do reviews. If you are from […]

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