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Don’t Delay – Send the Hammer to the Slammer

Anyone really surprised by this? I mean, Texas is Rove country.
I’ve heard some defenders of Tom Delay say it is “okay” if he knew about the corruption and allowed it to continue – he is only guilty if he actively participated in the crime. This coming from a defense lawyer, so take it with a grain of salt. It’s like saying if a mob boss hints about needing someone out of the picture, they aren’t guilt of conspiracy to commit murder unless partipated in it. The whole point of conspiracy charges is to net those who tried to position themselves so they could deny knowledge of criminal activities.
It is also amusing to hear people complaining about how this is the “weakest indictment” they have EVER heard of – well one guy, that same defense lawyer, said “in over 20 years.”

Really? Maybe he needs a little ginko biloba to refresh his memory. Oh wait, they didn’t indict Clinton in Whitewater, just spent a lot of taxpayer dollars desperately trying to create a case.

Credit must go to my friends Frank and George at the Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa for the grand title to this post!

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