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Flying with Colonel Hunt

Some of you may recognize Colonel Hunt’s picture – he’s a commentator on war-related stories on Fox. (My brother-in-law wanted to know why I was watching that Republican news channel – I snarked – know the enemy). We shared a row on Jet Blue coming back from Boston last week. What an affable, interesting guy! I recognized him right away and we chatted a bit. He’s got a great, distinctive rough voice that just says, “I’m a Colonel and I’ve ordered troops around!” The kind of voice that makes you sit up and take notice.

He’s got an impressive bio – this was one of the cooler celebrity spottings I’ve ever had 🙂 because he is so authentic!

He has a book out now, and his new one “On the Hunt” will be published in April 07. He was reading a book on suicide bombers on the plane – eeek – but I must say I felt a little safer being on a plane with the Colonel!

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